Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A New Year And A New System.

A blogger reader named Gary, in the first post of 2010, asked, " Are you using the KDE version?"

He was referring to the desktop environment I use when running PCLinuxOS.

Yes, I'm currently using KDE 3.5. But, the folks at KDE have rolled out version 4. 

PCLinuxOS is a "rolling distro." Each new update improves the OS and gives you new functionality and security. PCLinuxOS has evolved and moved all its repositories to support KDE 4.

I can easily update my current system to  KDE 4.  It's not difficult.  But I really like and enjoy using KDE 3.5.  Plus I have cartoon panels, strips, etc. that still need to be backed up.  once I get all my critical data and art safely backed up, I may upgrade the system to KDE4.

However, for now, I chose to point my current install at a frozen repository supporting KDE 3.5 for both my desktop and laptop systems.

The good news is, I'm in the process of purchasing a new PCLinuxOS computer system. This new system will be running KDE 4.0.

BTW, my laptop is running PCLinuxOS with KDE 3.5, Gnome, LXDE, XFCE, and E17 desktop environments.

So, yes, my main Linux Desktop environment is KDE 3.5.  I run KDE 3.5 on my main desktop system and laptop system.

I'll soon to be running KDE 4 on a brand new system!  (More later when the system is ordered, built, and delivered.)

Get Linux!  (I am. Again.)


Matthew said...

look what i found mark kinda funny :)

MSzorady said...

Outstanding! Thanks for the link!:)