Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Help The Hodges

As many of you know, I'm a cartoonist.  I belong to a group called the National Cartoonists Society.  It's made up of cartoonists/artists from all areas of this terrific art field.  And sometimes, the NCS sends out an "all hands on deck" to help our fellow cartoonists. 

Well, that call has gone out and I'd like to share with my blog readers the email I just received.

The NCS Foundation is excited to announce our first major fund raising effort through the use of eBay which launches this coming Thursday, January 21.  Many of you, along with our colleagues outside of the NCS, have donated 160 pieces of amazing artwork in a concentrated effort to Help the Hodges.

Tim Hodge is an animation artist having worked on storyboards for Disney and directing Veggie Tales projects. His teenage son Matthew, an A student and a drummer in his Tennessee high school championship marching band, was in an accident involving his car and a train in August of 2009, and has been in a state of a coma ever since. Tim's insurance refused to cover Matthew's long-term recovery, and the financial strain has only added to the emotional strain that the family has been experiencing.

Several NCS members have partnered with the NCSF to make this event happen, but we need YOUR HELP to make it a success.  We need the word to get out!  If you have a blog, or you frequent chat rooms on the web, please put in a good word that this event is taking place.  And please come bid on items, too!

The line-up of artists is incredible! Here are just a few of the over 100 names you'll see in our auctions:

Drew Struzan
Patrick McDonnell
Mort Walker
Nick Parks
Tim Sale
Mike Mignola
Stan Lee
Stephen Silver
Don Bluth
Peter de Sevè
Glen Keane
Bil Keane
Dan Piraro
Gary Kelley
Marc Davis
Frank Thomas
Walt Kelly
Paul Coker, Jr.
Jim Borgman
Charles Schulz

To see the items for sale, we have set up a special website where everything is being posted. New items continue to be added daily.  Also, please feel free to use any of the images from our special website to promote this event, along with the graphic that we are attaching that represents Matthew's love for his marching band drums.

Thank you,
The NCS Foundation

To all my blog readers, please take a moment to visit the site, bid on an item on January 21st, and help a family in need.

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