Thursday, November 12, 2009

Speed Up Your Computer.

As many readers of this blog already know, I love radio! I listen to the radio in my studio when I'm at my drawing table or in front of my PCLinuxOS computer.  I have an internet radio, so I can dial in stations from all over the country and even around the world.

Lately, I've been hearing the same few radio commercials over and over again for online products that allow users to speed up their PCs and improve its performance.  They promise some sort of online diagnostic that will clean up your windows system and unclog whatever is slowing it down.

I have my doubts as to their legitimacy or if they even work.  Heck, I'm not sure what the cost is, but I'd guess it's in the $20.00 to $40.00 range. I'd be wary of downloading any kind of program and installing it on my windows system without first doing a lot of research.   You could be doing more damage to your system than you are aware.

If you REALLY want to speed up your computer, don't run Windows, run Linux instead!

Like the snail above, Windows is slow.  This is because Windows slows down over time due to repeated software installations, fragmentation of the hard drive, and numerous anti-viruses and anti-malware programs running in the background. Not to mention the times when Windows has to update itself due to security problems.

Linux doesn't have any of these headaches.  It's immune to Windows viruses so you don't need to run numerous anti-virus programs in the background.  A Linux hard drive doesn't have to be defragmented.  It handles files and software much more cleanly than Windows.

Linux simply performs better and faster than Windows.  And Linux is free.  So you don't have to pay  a licensing fee to Microsoft, a maintenance fee to an anti-virus software company, or a repair fee to any of these these 'Supe Up my computer" web sites.

Get Linux and always run fast.

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