Friday, November 20, 2009

Speed Up Your Computer For Only 25 Cents!

"Every time Windows boots up some programs automatically load up at the same time, and many of them are ones that you don't even know are running in the background. Over a short period this number can increase to 30-40 programs, which is enough to slow even the newest of computers" 

So goes the pitch of a recent email ad.  These folks are trying to sell a product which "makes your computer start up much faster by analyzing your Windows startup sequence and giving it a de-clutter."

It goes on to talk about how revolutionary it is and all the wonderful things it will do for a Windows computer.  And the asking price is only $19.99.  And, I have to be honest here.  When I used Windows, I gobbled up software from this company.  They make some outstanding Windows software.   I'm not knocking them.  I am knocking the fact that you need to have such a program on your Windows system.  And another program, and another , and correct all the problems windows has!

Look, if you really want to make sure your computer boots fast and all your programs launch fast, simply get Linux. 

For 25 cents, Linux will start fast, run fast, stable, and secure.  Linux will do all this and more.

How did I come up with the 25 cent price point?  Simply buy a spool of DVD-Rs,  download Linux, and burn the ISO to a single disc.  One disc from this spool costs 25 cents.

25 cents beats 20 dollars!  And with Linux, you'll be free of Windows viruses and malware.  AND you won't ever have spend hundreds of dollars for Windows again!

Slow computer problem solved.


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