Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm Not A Linux Geek. Really.

The above comic strip is a stereotypical gag dealing with computers and the whiz kids who know how to fix 'em.  It's all in fun.

The thing is, folks picture me just like the geeky computer brainiac in the comic.  But, really, I'm not a Linux geek.  Sure, I run Linux, but I'm not sitting at my computer hammering out hundreds of lines of computer code. I'm not.

When I run Linux, I'm pointing and clicking just like anyone else would do in Windows or Mac.  That's it.  Linux is that easy to use. No kidding.  I'm running Linux at the same level and understanding as I would run Windows or Mac.

Granted, since running Linux, I've learned more about my computer, its hardware,  and the way the OS works. But this would be the same if I ran Windows or Mac.

It's like this..with each operating system you're going to have to learn something.  How it works, the "moves" around it's desktop and GUI, how to install software, etc.

In addition:

With Windows, you're gonna have to learn about anti-virus software, virus threats, and malware.  And you're going to have to shell out some hard earned cash to buy this additional protection.

With Mac, you're going to learn that you're locked in to Apple hardware for sure.   Granted, Apple makes the hardware, OS, and software to work seamlessly, but it's gonna cost you.   Mac is simply more expensive.  Buy a Mac and you'll learn to part with your cash.  (If you have the cash, and don't mind, well God bless ya.)

With Linux, all you have to learn is, well, Linux. And the cost is, well, free.

So which of the three would you prefer to learn?

Get Linux.


P J said...

I would choose Linux, why spend money on software if i can have a great OS and some additional hardware (RAM etc.) for the price of software :)

Linux all the way :)

MSzorady said...


My sentiments exactly!:) I've been pricing Linux boxes. It's amazing how much power and performance you can get for your dollar when you choose Linux as the OS!