Monday, November 16, 2009

I just Joined Facebook!

I joined Facebook yesterday.  My cartooning friend, Chris Browne (of Hagar the Horrible fame), invited me to view his profile, etc.  In order to do this, it was required that I join.

Well, I wanted to see what Chris was up to, so I joined.
(Wanna see me on Facebook? Just click on the Facebook link on the right.)

Now, I've written how you to need to be careful when it comes to surfing around these social networks.  The same rules of caution that you use when going through your email should apply.

But, the great thing is, because I run Linux, I need not worry about a Windows virus attacking my system via a social network.  Linux is imune to Windows viruses and malware!

I've noticed that a lot of my cartooning friends use Mac, so they have the same kinds of protection from Windows Viruses.  But this protection comes with a hefty price tag!

Linux is Free! Simply, download an ISO, burn to disk, test it on your current sytem, and then install.  That's it!  You'll have a brand new computer up and running in less than 30 minutes!

Linux has a ton of free software, is safe and secure, and doesn't come with a large price tag (Mac pros start at $2499.00! Yow!)

Unless you have money to burn, then just get Linux.  (And if you do have money to burn and buy a Mac, snd me the equialent dollars, Mr. Money bags.  Do you realize what kind of awesome, powerful  Linux system I can get for that money???)

Get Linux.

(Upate - I changed my profile picture from my cartoon George to a pic of me.  Still deciding which one works better and is safer from a business standpoint.)

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