Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday. A Better Buy!

It's Black Friday. One of the biggest shopping days of the Christmas season!  But, before you grab that charge card and rush off to buy the latest and greatest in computer hardware, please take a moment to consider the following:

Recently, I started a thread on the PCLinuxOS forum.  It was regarding a comment a Facebook friend made about his computer.  It seems that his Firefox browser would not launch and he could not send Email.  In addition, his primary browser was crashing.

Here are some of the comments forum members posted (some have been on, you'll know why):

"Not surprised.  I saw one that was taken apart at the local computer store.  All it was is a few components put together into a case...It was simplicity in itself, even the inside of my custom box looks more complicated.  It was getting its screen replaced.  That's when I knew, that these are just expensive but flimsy pieces of hardware."

"I guess people really do believe that they will just magically work perfectly forever."

"Problems with drivers is what occurred to me. I'm also curious as to whether the power supply would be up to most add in video cards available now."

"problems in these are extremely common, the previous os had a error that if you tried to move files from a laptop or desktop to a external device and if the device was removed or something happened in the middle of the process, the file was deleted from both devices, vanished.  the current update breaks many things on the system that was supposed not to be a problem."

"The software contains continuous unfixed security flaws that are never getting patched promptly enough. Some folks are discovering said flaws and reporting it to the manufacturer on the quiet and end up publicly releasing the specifics of the flaw due to frustration of no fix being available soon enough."

Okay, now what did I edit form these comments?  The name of the computer being discussed.  Care to guess which computer?  Dell?  HP?  Acer?  Sony?  Gateway?  Lenovo?

You'd think it would be any of these and the problems being discussed were ones occuring in Windows.

However, all of us were talking about problems happening with the Apple Mac and the Mac OS!

That's right!  My original post   had to do with a problem a friend was having with his Mac computer.  And I was surprised.  Because all I've ever heard is that Apple computers are the most reliable, easiest computes on the face of the planet.

It appears many feel that Macs aren't all they're cracked up to be.  And the price tag for a Mac can be staggering!

The other alternative, Windows, isn't much better.  If you're not paying a high price for Apple hardware and software, you're paying extra dollars to protect your Windows system from bugs, viruses, and spyware.

Then there's Linux.  It's affordable (free), secure, and friendly!  Linux will bring your older hardware to life! Linux will run blazingly fast on new computer hardware!   Linux has a friendly and helpful community to show you the ropes.  Best of all, Linux has tons of free software!

Christmas 2009 finds families pulling in their belts more than usual.  Why spend hundreds or thousands on a Windows system or Apple Mac?   Both have their own share of headaches.

Get a Linux Computer!  Save money and free yourself from overpriced hardware and software!

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