Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An Amazing Deal For Christmas!

I receive a variety of emailings from different online retailers. I enjoy getting these email ads and seeing some of the new technology being offered. I especially enjoy receiving email ads from Geeks.com because they have some remarkable deals on computers and electronics. I purchased a refurbished scanner from them for only $65.00! It works wonderfully well! I'm very happy with the purchase. Plus, the scanner is a dream to use with Linux.

Now, check out the latest offer (above) that I received from geeks.com. It's an entire Linux computer system (Refurbished P4 3.2 GHz desktop system with Ubuntu Linux, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers) for only $179.99!!

This system is perfect for a family needing a starter system for the kids or as an extra computer system in the den or kitchen. It's priced so low, it'll make a great Christmas gift! Plus, it's Linux. You'll be free from Windows viruses and malwre and have a ton of free software at your fingertips. and ubuntu Linux is one of the more widely embraced and community supported distors around. Ubuntu is easy to use and easy to get help.

Here's the link.

I spoke with the folks at geeks.com and they told me it's easy to get this deal on their web site! After the computer is added to your shopping cart, at checkout, simply add the code "TC1." The monitor, speakers, mouse, and keyboard will then be added to your order and the price will be reduced.

The offer expires on 11/25/2009. So do a little early Christmas shopping and get a great deal on a nice Linux computer!

Get Linux.

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