Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Working With Linux.

I received a really nice comment from a blog reader named yoyo.  In my reply I let yoyo know that  everything here is fine.  I'm not on vacation or sick.  I'm just trying to get back up to speed with blogging.

The big news has been  my cartoons appearing in PCLinuxOS magazine.  The PCLinuxOS community was kind enough to include me in their publication.  I contribute a monthly Double Take cartoon and a tip on using Gimp.  The column is called "Mark's Gimp Tip."

I'm working on the September issue and have planned for a a neat file download to accompany the column.  At least, I'm hoping to get this coordinated. Stay tuned.

It's been a fun and productive project and, of course, all the work is done in Linux.  All the page layout is done using Scribus and all the artwork and digital image editing is done in The Gimp.

It's easy!

That's the main concern most folks have when they contemplate switching over to Linux.  They wonder if things are going to work the same way as in Windows. The answer is, "Yes!"  If you can run Windows, you can run Linux.  In fact, in many ways, Linux is even easier to run than Windows.  And you won't have to worry about Windows viruses, trojans and spyware. Linux is immune. So say goodbye to the additional cost of Anti-virus software and other programs that are constantly running in the background slowing down your computer's (Windows) performance.

Linux is fast, familiar, friendly, and easy to use.

Get Linux.


tr7.geo said...

Nice to see your work over at PCLinuxOS. A few of us *spire refugees have migrated over to PCLinuxOS

MSzorady said...

Thanks.:) Yeah, ever since the spires expired, I've been looking for something that is moving forward. But, I still have Freespire 2.0 on a partition. Even though I can't add/update software, it's still a powerful system and great use.:)