Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tron 1982 Light Cycles

Yesterday, I talked about the movie Tron and how it really inspired me to get on the computer learning curve.  Take a look at the above clip from this 1982 film.  This is the Light Cycle sequence.  Even by today's visual effects standards, it holds up fairly well.  You can easily see how much of an impact this film had on me and others. (You can view an extended version of the clip here.)

Back in 1982, desktop computing was in its infancy and I was becoming interested in using this emerging technology.  Tron helped ignite that curiosity.  Over the years, the thirst for more and better computer technology took me on a journey using several different operating systems.

I started out using BASIC, then a little bit of MS-DOS, then Windows (3.X, 95, 98, XP, and all its variants).  But, as Windows became more and more bloated and prone to virus attacks and security breaches, it became apparent that I needed something else.  It only took one or two virus infections to convince me that Windows was no longer the answer.

I had heard about Linux since about the time of its creation.  I was always intrigued by it.  And I wanted to give it a try.

Well, making the move to Linux was quite easy!  You can make the move to Linux, too!  Download the ISO, burn it to disk, pop it in your CD/DVD drive, reboot your computer, and run the OS!

If you like it and everything works (audio, video, etc.), simply click on the desktop install icon and in about 15-20 minutes, you'll be running Linux!

It's easy, cutting edge, and well supported by a terrific community.

Get Linux!

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