Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cash For Clunkers.

There's been some curiosity and a bit of hysteria over the Government's web site which dealers log onto in order to process their "Cash For Clunkers" sales.  At the beginning of the process, according to The Glenn Beck Show, by accepting the terms or agreement on the government's web site, the dealer would be turning over all control and ownership of their computer to Uncle Sam. 

Now, if this is indeed happening, I'm not sure exactly how the government is accessing  a dealer's computer.  It may be loading a program that runs in the background and tracks everything on that computer.  I don't know. It's purely speculation on my part.

But, I can venture a guess that all the computer systems involved are probably running Windows.

Windows allows users to run at full administrative level.  Clicking any kind of agreement or downloading any file could potentially launch a virus or piece of malware.

This is why I run Linux. Linux does not allow users to run at an administrative level unless they specifically give it permission by entering a root (administrator) password. Users run Linux at the "User" level.  In order to install software or update the system (from its repository), Linux requires root (administrator) privileges.

So, before you can change anything on a Linux system, you need to be in root.

And, Linux is immune to Windows viruses and malware.

Windows, on the other hand just lets ANYTHING run.  Double-clicking an unknown file could bring about disastrous results by installing a virus or spyware.

If you want a safer, more secure system free of viruses and malware, get Linux.

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