Friday, July 10, 2009

Lightning Brushes

Yesterday, I posted a friendly reminder about lighting and protecting your computer.

I needed an image for the post, and quickly turned to The Gimp to create it.  And it was easy!

I first went to Deviant Art and downloaded lighting brushes for Gimp. You can get those here.

Extract the file and drop it into your /.gimp/brushes folder.

Then, Open Gimp, select the brush tool, scroll down the brush tool menu and select a lighting bolt. Adjust the color and size and click the mouse on your canvass.  You've just created a lighting bolt!

Use a dark solid color as a background so the lighting effect stands out.  For added effect, I used a dark gradient.

Get Linux, Get Gimp, get creative!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


This is just a friendly reminder. It's summertime (here in the northern hemisphere) and that means thunderstorm season. Remember, when a severe thunder and lighting storm rolls through, unplug your computer equipment, including your cable or DSL connection.

Make sure that EVERYTHING is unplugged! Even though you may have unplugged the computer's power cords, if you leave the cable connection hooked into your system, you're still at risk from a lighting strike....even miles away. Lighting can travel down that wire and zap your computer.

So, when the weather gets bad and lighting flashes, unplug your computer completely. Also, purchase a good quality surge protector or battery backup. Sometimes storms arise when you're not home to unplug.

Get Linux.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Google OS

Google has announced, through their official blog, that it will be launching its own operating system in 2010.  It's being called "Google Chrome OS" and, you guessed it,  is based on Linux.

"Google Chrome OS will run on both x86 as well as ARM chips and we are working with multiple OEMs to bring a number of netbooks to market next year. The software architecture is simple — Google Chrome running within a new windowing system on top of a Linux kernel."

So, if Linux is good enough for Google, isn't it good enough for you?  Why wait until 2010 for Google Chrome OS?  Get Linux now!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another Windows Virus! Had Enough Yet?

Yesterday, Microsoft issued a warning regarding a malicious virus that affects users of Windows XP running Internet Explorer.

The warning can be found in an article here.

The text is as follows:

"Microsoft Corp. has taken the rare step of warning about a serious computer security vulnerability it hasn't fixed yet. The vulnerability disclosed Monday affects Internet Explorer users whose computers run the Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 operating software. It can allow hackers to remotely take control of victims' machines. The victims don't need to do anything to get infected except visit a Web site that's been hacked. Security experts say criminals have been attacking the vulnerability for nearly a week. Thousands of sites have been hacked to serve up malicious software that exploits the vulnerability. People are drawn to these sites by clicking a link in spam e-mail. The so-called 'zero day' vulnerability disclosed by Microsoft affects a part of its software used to play video.
Microsoft urged vulnerable users to disable the problematic part of its software, which can be done from Microsoft's Web site, while the company works on a 'patch' ó or software fix ó for the problem."

So just by simply visiting a web site, (when using Windows XP and Internet Explorer), you computer system can become infected! 
The virus has already hit China.

Windows XP users are being advised to visit this Microsoft Security Advisory (972890) site for more information and links to a workaround.

My advice is to simply pitch Windows and get Linux!

When you run Linux, you won't have to worry about Windows' security flaws, viruses, Trojans and other vulnerabilities. Linux is immune to these Windows problems!

In the meantime, if you're running Windows XP, at least do the following:

1.) Stop running Internet Explorer.

2.) Update your Anti-virus software.

3.) Get Firefox. It's a better, faster, more secure, and more customizable browser.

4.)  Don't click on any links in Email spam.

5.) ASAP, Get Linux!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth Of July!

Have a wonderful 4th of July!
Get Linux!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

PCLinuxOS Magazine Scores With Readers!

The new PCLinuxOS Magazine has been available for only a couple of days and already it's a big hit with readers. I'm told that the magazine has been downloaded over a thousand times on the first day of release!

One member (Far North) on the PCLinuxOS forums wrote, "It's been quite a while since I've read the PCLinux Magazine and physically used PCLOS. However, after reading the July 2009 issue and seeing the forthcoming updates to PCLOS, I'll be back.

"The Magazine was an enjoyable and very interesting read. I'm looking forward now to the August edition and to XFCE and E17 versions of PCLOS.

"Keep up the great work!"

Get your copy by going to the PCLinuxOS Magazine site.

In addition, mirrors are starting to pop up. I'll have links to these posted in the next day or two. Anticipated demand for the magazine is going to be high.

Get Linux.