Saturday, June 27, 2009

PCLinuxOS! Everything Works!

One of the most biggest challenges with some Linux distributions is getting all the multimedia to work. It's a real disappointment to not have Quicktime movies or Flash video play from popular websites like movie trailers or

The really great thing about PCinuxOS is that everything works! All my multimedia (MP3s, Window Media files, AVIs , DVDs, OGGs, etc.) work right out of the box! If for some unknown reason, I can't get a specific media file to play, it's just a simple matter of downloading the correct codec or data file from the repository. (and the PCLinuxOS community is right there to give a helping hand!)

The above screen shot shows my PCLinuxOS laptop streaming audio from I've sometimes found radio stations' audio streams to be a bit tricky in getting to work in Linux. But not with PCLinuxOS! I simply navigate to the radio's web site, click the link for the stream, and in a few moments, I'm listening to the station!

If you've read this blog before, you'll know that I love radio. I have an internet radio that sits next to my drawing table and I also have an XM radio subscription for my car. XM also allows you to stream the channels from their website. In the past, other Linux distros I've used have failed or stumbled in interpreting the XM radio player or audio steam. But PCLinuxOS (via Firefox) brings the player up and streams all the XM channels with no problems!

Want more multimedia ease of use? Well, as you know, DVDs are incredibly popular with folks of all ages. Without a doubt, one of the first things a person will do when using a new computer system is drop in a DVD to watch the latest Hollywood spectacular. Again, some Linux distros have asked users to jump through a series of hoops in order to get a commercial DVD to play. But with PClinxOS, just drop in the DVD and hit play!

So play DVD movies, listen to MP3s, online audio streams, and other entertainment with no hiccups or glitches. PCLinuxOS handles 'em all! It's so easy, you'll think you're running an Apple Mac (but with out the hefty price tag) or a Windows system ( but without the viruses and pop-ups!)

Get Linux!


Anonymous said...

Totally agree. PCLinuxOS is the only distro I have tried so far that has worked 100% in terms of multimedia.

Anonymous said...

If you handle graphics (and I know you do), you may love "kim". Install it from synaptic, and you'll have lots of useful options just by selecting the image files in konqueror and doing a right click --> Actions.

You may get similar right click options for audio files in konqueror by installing audiokonvert (just don't confuse it with soundkonverter)

White said...

Oh, audiokonvert can also extract audio from a video file.

MSzorady said...

Guys, thanks.:) I have AudioKonverter installed! Wow ! This app deserves a blog entry!

"audiokonverter is a small utility to easily convert from OGG, MP3,
AAC, M4A, FLAC, WMA, RealAudio, Musepack, Wavpack, WAV and movies to
MP3, OGG, M4A, WAV and FLAC in Konqueror by right-clicking on them."

Converted an ogg to an MP3 with just a click!

I'll give Kim a look for sure!

Many thanks!

MSzorady said...

I just installed Kim. Double Wow! Another little app that deserves its own blog entry! Gonna experiment with the Flash creation action.:)

Again, many,many thanks!

Ravikiran said...

Linux Mint ( ) based on ubuntu, does the same thing, packs all the codecs, addons with it. It even has java and moonlight with it.

i would recommend it to everyone!

Anonymous said...

If you like recording your own mp3s streamtuner and streamripper make a great pair. When recording from internet radio the ripper edits out commercials and makes single files for each song. Get both from the PCLinuxOS repos using Synaptic.