Friday, June 26, 2009

PCinuxOS Rolling Along!

PCLinuxOS is known as a "Rolling Release Distribution."   This means that  you install PCLinuxOS once and update it when new applications become available from its repository.

The app that helps monitor this is "Update Notifier."   The screen shot above shows it in action. You launch it once and it sits in your system tray.  Update Notifier periodically checks to see what new software updates are available.  It flags you and allows you to make those updates with a couple of clicks of the mouse.

This keeps your PCLinuxOS system up to date and always the latest version!  Once you install PCLinuxOS and update it regularly, you won't have to install again in order to get the newest/latest release.  You'll have the latest release!  It's seamless and updating takes just a few minutes two to three times a week (or whatever frequency the updates occur.)

It's one of the big reasons why I'm such of fan this Linux OS!

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Anonymous said...

Rolling rolling rolling,
keep those rpms going,
oh my networks smoking,

gidde up, move'm out, rawhide!

wamukota said...

Being a PCLinuxOS user since the 0.93 version I fully understand your enthusiasm for this outstanding distro. It is a distro-hopper-stopper.

If you do not like the KDE 3.5 blend, you can easily install other WM's from within the repo's. Just open synaptic and search for task-

So for

* LXDE select task-lxde
* XFCE select task-xfce
* Enlightment 17 select je task-enlightment

Gnome does exist in a separate distro ( and for XFCE the first RC of Phoenix is available for download (

Wamukota Administrator PCLinuxOS.NL

MSzorady said...

Thanks, wamukota!