Sunday, June 28, 2009

Music Slight of Hand.

I'm continually amazed by Linux and how software rich it is. There are thousands of terrific software applications at your immediate disposal. Simply open up the Linux repository with Synaptic (or similar package manager), search for the application, and click to install. After a few moments, you're using that particular piece of software! There's no fumbling for disks or entering numbers/codes to unlock or verify the application. Click, install. It's that easy!

And you need only be engaged with the Linux community to learn about all this terrific software.

I've always said that the best part of Linux is its community of users. Linux users from all over the globe are always there with a helping hand, tip, trick or tweak to get your system running optimally.

A case in point is this blog. I created it to advocate Linux. In the process of telling the world how wonderful Linux is, I've met many experienced Linux users who have introduced me to Linux software, desktop managers, file managers, etc.

And because of a blog entry the other day, I learned about a terrific little app called AudioKonverter from PCLinuxOS users.

AudioKonverter is a KDE service menu that allows you to convert audio/music files from one format to another. Simply right click on the audio file and convert from MP3 to Ogg or WAV to MP3 or FLAC to M4A, etc. It's that easy! The above screen shot from my PCLinuxOS laptop shows exactly how effortless it is.

So, for instance, if you have an .avi video file of your daughter's piano recital, you can use AudioKonverter to extract the audio portion and save it as an MP3. Load the new file to your MP3 player and listen to it in your car.

And I learned about this terrific app from Linux users, specifically, PCLinuxOS users. You can do the same thing. Just get Linux.

I HIGHLY recommend that you get PCLinuxOS. Download it, burn it to disk, run the Live CD and then install it. You'll be saying goodbye to all the Windows headaches of spyare and viruses. You'll also be saying hello to a stable, secure operating system with thousands of software titles (like AudiKonverter) and a wonderful welcoming community of users.

Get Linux.

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Olivier le Breton said...

Totally agree, PCLinuxOS simply rocks and is especially great for users new to linux.
It has been my distro for more then 2 years now and I have not been tempted to replace it by anything else :) and I am never, never going back to M$...