Monday, June 29, 2009



and thank you for choosing PCLinuxOS. We bring all the power of Linux to your desktop plus our famous "cool-friendly touch" -- we hope it provides complete satisfaction. We highly recommend that you visit to take full advantage of news, help forums, and access to hundreds of high-quality applications for your PCLinuxOS system.
Forums : Community based help forums have been established to discuss various issues with PCLinuxOS. If you would like to participate in the discussion you will need to register yourself on the PCLinuxOS forum. Please note we do not use your name or email for any marketing purposes.
Projects: is a separate community run site geared toward developing handy tools, documentation, graphics and other things for PCLinuxOS.
PCLinuxOS WIKI: A community based user guide has been established where users can find answers. PCLinuxOS Wiki
Donations: The success of PCLinuxOS is dependent upon monetary donations from you. If you would like to see continued development, please consider making a modest donation to this exciting project. Donations are made through Google Checkout to provide a safe and secure way to send funds. 

That's the message that comes up in your browser when it is first launched in PCLinuxOS.  And it covers just about everything you'll need to know when you first start using this terrific Linux distribution.    It's a road map of sorts as you climb behind the wheel of this new finely tuned sports car.

Believe me, if you want to breath new life into you PC, get PCLinuxOS!  If your PC is sluggish and straining and suffers from "Windows-itis", then click on the above road map and get a better operating system!

If you already have PCLinuxOS, then you are to be congratulated!

Get Linux.

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