Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dear Mr. Obama

Tomorrow is tax day here in the U.S.  A lot of Tea Parties are going to take place. People are just plain mad!  I'm mad, too!  I'm forgoing talking about Linux today to join my fellow citizens and raise my voice in protest to all the wasteful spending our government has been doing.  The following comes from Jim Z and sums up the situation far better than anything I could ever write.   Bravo, Jim!  Please feel free to copy and pass along to others.

Dear Mr. Obama

Dear Mr. Obama,
Tomorrow I will be sending $3000 to the IRS.

Too bad,  if I had that money I can think of a lot
of things to do with it.

The guy down the street is a carpenter.
He's been looking for work for a long time.
I was thinking of re-finishing our Kitchen floor.
Looks like I won't be doing that this year.

I also know a guy who does vinyl siding.
I would love to get my house sided,
and $3000 would certainly be a large part of the
cost.  But I  guess I won't be doing that this year.

I know an electrician who is out of work.  I'm
sure he could help me upgrade our electrical
service.  Too bad, I won't be doing that this year.

Perhaps I could put the money towards a new car.
I know someone at a dealership that is really in need
of the business.
Oh well,  looks like I can't do that this year either.

Instead, I am handing it over to the government so you
can "stimulate" the economy.

Am I missing something here ?


Anonymous said...

Yep, he is missing something, all the money stolen for the bandits protected by the Bush administration, someone has to pay just because the people in charge didn't do their work.

There is another thing missing, SEC members in jail.

MSzorady said...

Do your homework before posting.