Thursday, March 19, 2009

Presto! You're Using Linux!

The big thing now in laptop and desktop computers is the fast boot. There's a product out there called Presto that installs on your Windows computer and allows you to boot your computer in less than 10 seconds. How is this possible?  It's because Presto is Linux!

That's right! And while I think this is a neat development and I applaud Xandros for developing this solution, you can do the same thing without having to get (or pay for) Presto at all.

Simply get Linux, and install it on your Window system. During the installation process, Linux will ask if you want to set up the system as a dual boot.  When you do this, Linux will help you partition your Windows hard drive and make room for the Linux installation.

Then, you'll have a dual boot system. When you boot your computer, you'll be given the same kind of menu Presto gives you (see the demo video above). You can select either Windows or Linux. Linux will boot faster. And when you run Linux, you can even access your Windows hard drive and move files back and forth!

Again, I applaud Xandros for developing Presto. It's yet another way to introduce Linux to more folks. And its ease of use is worth the purchase price to some.

So, either way, with Presto or downloading an ISO, you'll be getting Linux.

Get Linux.

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