Monday, March 2, 2009

PDF Virus. Acrobat Needs Plugging And My Sink Needs Unplugging.

I've been busy trying to unblock the kitchen sink all weekend.  It got clogged and now I'm plunging and using a drain clearing product to get things flowing again.  This is why I didn't post on Sunday.

I found some information on how to unblock a sink here. I also found a helpful video here.

While I was plunging, bailing water, and doing some research on the internet, I got  call from my neighbor.  He alerted me to the fact that there's a new virus floating around which affects Adobe Acrobat and Reader (Versions 8.0 and 9.0).

One article states that the security flaw won't be plugged for another month.    ("Plugged." There's that reference to my kitchen sink again!)

I thanked him for the information.  I also explained that since I'm running Linux, and read all my PDF files with KPDF, It's very unlikely that my system would be infected. Linux is immune from Windows viruses.  But still, it's always a good idea to never download a file, PDF or otherwise, from an unknown/untrusted source.

And KPDF is a terrific PDF reader!   It's integrated very nicely into the KDE desktop environment.  It has a good number of features for searching, adding bookmarks, capturing image shots off the page, , etc.  You can capture an image, text, or both right off the page of the PDF by drawing a rectangle around the area and then making your selection for a drop down menu.

KPDF is very easy to use and quite intuitive.  It comes pre-installed with most Linux KDE distributions.  If KPDF isn't already installed, it can be added from the repository with a couple of clicks of the mouse.

Get KPDF and Get Linux.  (And Linux won't get clogged and slow down like my kitchen sink!)

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