Saturday, March 7, 2009

There are many ways to get Linux.  You can purchase a new desktop computer, laptop, or netbook with Linux pre-installed.  You can download an .ISO file and burn it to disk. Once you have the disk, you just pop it into your computer and away you go.

Or you can obtain a disk from a Linux disk service.  These online Linux disk stores  will do all the heavy lifting for you.  And for just a couple of bucks, you can have the Linux operating system of your choice delivered to your mailbox!

These Online Linux disk stores ae great!  Especially if you want to share Linux with family and friends.  You'll get a professional looking disk for a very reasonable price.  So, you can purchase multiple disks to give away and spend no more than, say 20 bucks for about 10-20 disks.

One of the best online Linux disk stores I've found is  I visited their site and contacted them for additional information after coming across them via a Google search.   These guys are GREAT!   They sent me two Linux disks and it only took a couple of days from date of order to my mailbox!

Many other customers love, as well. One customer review raves, "Third time ordering from No hassle, super fast delivery, great feedback in my email about my order, and no problems so far. It doesn't get better than this. With my slow net connection I get the products faster than I could actually download them plus I don't waste my bandwidth doing it! Oh yeah, another plus for people with OCD. You get bubble wrap envelope too! Give you something to pop while your OS installs. :)"

I agree.  I didn't have to waste time downloading and burning. I simply surfed over to!   When my order arrived,  I popped the Open Suse Linux disk into my laptop and in a few moments I was running this Linux operating system with the new KDE 4 desktop environment. has just about every Linux operating system available. The disks are impressive! They are very professional looking and work on first boot-up. You can select a Linux distribution on CD-ROM or a larger, more feature rich offering on DVD.

So, if you don't have a fast internet connection or don't have the time to download and burn to disk, visit!  They'll help you get Linux!


Anonymous said...

A very bad experience. Poor customer service. Bad quality disc.

Anonymous said...

I agree terrible service.

I then came across who are actually professional.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the two other reviewers...poor customer service! Shop for Linux discs somewhere else.

Richard said...

Shocking service and very poor quality.

I'd go to

MSzorady said...

Guys, I'll give these others a try.:)

Also, OCL is in a holding pattern. I'm blogging about Linux and cartoons at my new blog:

In fact, I may try out a couple of the disc services recommended here and blog about 'em.:)


Toni said...

I would recommend Code Sages, 10/10 product and 10/10 service.

MSzorady said...

@Toni - I'll give them a look.:) I may even review them at my new blog

Lucas said...

I would be insterested in following your blog and reading up about good suppliers.

I think OSDisc are pretty crap to be honest they just use silver CD's that still say Compact Disc on them, they are so cheap and tacky.

I'd like views on other suppliers and their services offered, e.g.


Mary said...

I have purchased several discs from but all the discs they sent (since April) have been defective. I have been sending emails inquiring why, over and over but I have not received any response. Please someone help me.