Monday, March 30, 2009

My Scanner Adventure Continues.

The other day, I posted about using Scribus to adjust my comic strip template so I could scan it in one pass on my Umax Scanner.  I mentioned how legal size scanners are becoming pretty rare any more.

I related this to my cartoonist friend Adrian Sinnott and he agreed with me.  He pointed out that the larger flat bed scanners are not only not as plentiful as they once were, but are becoming quite expensive when compared to standard size flat bed scanners.

So, I was delighted when a Freespire Community  Member (Bob3), posted a message about having a refurbished HP scanner that scans legal size documents for only $65.00!  And, it's supported by Xsane.

I jumped on it!   The scanner arrives sometime this week.  I'll be posting my experiences once I get it hooked up and running.

Again, this is why I love Linux so much.  It's a great operating system and has a wonderful community involved with making it better for all users.

Get Linux.

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