Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Better Solitaire.

Remember when you first got a Windows computer?  It was probably Windows 98 or 95. Heck, you may even have started with Windows 3.1.  Well, once you had the system up and running, one of the first things you probably did was try out a few of the games.

If you were like everyone else, you immediately booted the Windows Solitaire game.   It was a nice version.   Just one solitaire game.   The only customizing you were able to do, as I recall, was the design on the back of the cards.  Still, you marvelled at playing a digital version of this solo card game.

Well, you can continue playing Solitaire.  But this time around, step up to a better version of Solitaire on Linux.  That Solitaire game is Pysol.  As it's description states, "PySol is an X11 solitaire game with a number of nice features, including hints, autoplay, unlimited undo, player statistics, demo mode, selectable card set and background graphics, and integrated help. It currently plays over one hundred different games and variants, and has a plug-in architecture which makes adding more easy."

Wow!  Over one hundred combinations of Solitaire!

Getting Pysol in Linux  is easy.  Log into your repository and simply type in "Pysol."   The program will come up.  Select it, then click "Apply."  Pysol will download and install on your Linux system.  In a few short minutes, you'll be playing Pysol!

I do need to mention, though the following message on the original Pysol website, "As of 2008 any work on PySol has stopped, and PySol is officially discontinued.

"Fortunately a number of enthusiastic people have continued from where I left off and have created the PySol Fan Club edition. Please contribute all your patches and enhancements to this new project.

"It has been very much fun creating this game, and I hope you will appreciate the result of my efforts. Share and enjoy!"

So, Pysol is still available. I was able to download it from my Linux Mint repository in order to get screen shots for this blog post.  And Pysol is continuing as a new project.  It appears the new project will take Pysol to a new level of advancement!   But, once again, this demonstrates the strength of Linux and open source software.  Anyone and everyone can develop, contribute, refine, and lead.

Get Linux.

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