Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Fool? It's No Joke!

I was toying with the idea of doing an April Fool's column for tomorrow. I had something planned. It could be viewed as a rather predictable April Fool's joke by some, but others may have fallen for it. But given the current situation with the Conficker Worm, I thought it best to cancel all jokes and pass on the warning.

The Conficker Worm is set to launch tomorrow on April Fools day. And according to the folks at Symantec, " We don’t know the purpose of the Conficker worm."

So, if you're running Windows, please beware and be aware. And I hope you're reading this today (March 31st) and not on April 1st.

Make sure to get a good anti-virus suite, scan your Windows system, and cross your fingers.

(Here's another site with helpful instructions.)

The purpose of this blog has been one of Linux advocacy. Because with Linux, you don't have these Windows virus threats looming over you.

So, if you truly want to be safe, simply get Linux. It won't cost you much (many Linux distributions are free of charge), there's a wonderful community of users to help you along, and you'll have a more stable computing environment with thousands of free, open source software applications.

Get Linux.

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