Friday, February 27, 2009

What Time Is It, Linux?

Linux has some pretty slick features.  These allow you to customize your desktop in so many ways. so much so, that no two Linux desktops will look alike!

for instance, one of the neat things that I like about Linux and the KDE desktop is the mousover effects. Simply by enabling mousover effects, when you pass your mouse over the bottom tool panel icons, information pops up.

If you configure more than one time zone and enable these to be displayed, when you mouse over the time in the lower left of the system tray, a window pops up giving you all the time zones you've configured!   As I've mentioned before. I have an internet radio in my studio. when I tune in a station in Sydney, Australia or London, England, all I do is mouseover the time in my system tray. The information pops up and I can see what time it is in that part of the world!

Linux gives you so many ways to manage, display, and get information.  And it's these little touches and customizations that make Linux so user friendly.  Linux makes computing a more pleasurable and easy experience.  Give it a try and customize your own desktop!

Get Linux.

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