Monday, February 16, 2009

Scribus Helps!

In selling my cartoon features to newspapers, I need to have a sample of my artwork at the ready.  Using Scribus, I was able to easily put together a two page flyer and save it as a PDF.   Scribus has PDF output built in!

Creating my sample flyer in Scribus was easy!  I simply dropped in some sample comics, added text, and then selected "File - Export - Save As PDF."  Scribus then took care of the rest!

A new window came up and I selected all my output options.  I was able to select to embed fonts, control the resolution, output as color or grayscale, add security, etc.  A few moments later my PDF file for was created.  All I had to do was add the file to my web site, link, and upload.  (In an earlier blog post I detailed how I used Kompozer to create my web site.)

Linux has all the tools for you right from the start!  Once you install Linux, you can build a web site, edit artwork, create desktop publications, create/edit word documents and spreadsheets, and so much more!  There are thousands of software apps available that can make you productive in just about anything you need to do.

Linux is freely available.    Download it,  run the Live CD and see how it can help you in your studio of home office.

Get Linux!

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