Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A New Kiowa Linux On The Way!

I just received an email from Matt Portner regarding the release of the latest version of Kiowa Linux!  As you know, I LOVE this Linux distro!  It really pulls in all the best the Linux and Open source worlds have to offer.  Kiowa has latest and greatest stable releases of desktop environments, software apps and Linux itself.

Check out what Kiowa Linux has in store for us:


"Kiowa Linux final KDE 4 edition soon to be released featuring KDE 4.1 sleek stylish NEW look for Kiowa.  A new Kiowa kernel with a much larger supported hardware list... Improved wifi and mini pc support... Improved support for ATI and NVidia drivers as well as easier installation and uninstall routines.   An improved Kiowa installer that is easier to use and more complete. We are migrating from Apt to Yum for package management in this release. Along with Yum, we are releasing with KPackagekit, a more advanced DBUS driven package manager GUI to replace Synaptic.  The reason for this move is to improve software installation/integration that is less resource intensive.

"Open Office 3, Gimp 2.6 and much much more."

I run Kiowa Linux on my laptop and it's a solid, sble and secure Linux distro. it's easy to use and has a real frinedly and welcoming feel to it.   Once this new version of Kiowa is released, I'll be installing it on my laptop and my desktop!

I'll have more reports and updates on Kiowa Linux as they approach launch time and when I get it installed and up and running on my systems.

Get Linux.


bunlacken said...

I have been using "Kiowa morningstar" but the repositories do not work, they delete the basic system and wipe the operation out... what's up?.
I cannot install it on my "HP tablet pc 1000" where I really want it.
I love the distro but both of these problems keep me away from steady use.

MSzorady said...


I just got an email from Matt regarding Kiowa Linux. He writes, "Mark, Thanks for informing me about the questions regarding the next releases and the repo current state.

"we are aware of some of the current repo issues it's due to our large amount of changes to the editions the repo will be fixed by release time and will be much larger ;)

"If there are any more questions or comments let me know ill be glad to answer them for you! "

bunlacken said...

Like you I love the distro.. and will continue to keep in touch... Morningstar also does not recognise an installed cd which can be a problem as I keep my desktop setup on a cd... I will wait on the latest coming down the pike rather than gripe too much even though I like the Gnome system.