Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Need A Word? Linux Has A Dictionary!

Ever need a word or need to find the correct spelling of a word?  Well, if you run Linux, you have a terrific dictionary right at your fingertips!  It's called KDict and is part of the KDE desktop.  This is a little app you can place right on any of the panels you run on your Linux system. 

It's easy to add.  You can add to an existing panel or create a new panel.  In this example, I've create a new panel atop the main panel.  Right click and select "Add Applet to Panel."   A new window opens giving you a list of applets you can add.  Click on "Dictionary" and then click the lower right hand button, "Add to Panel."
The applet is added.  Now, simply type in a word in the form field and hit the return button.  KDict brings up a new window with the word, definition, usage, thesaurus entry, etc.  If you need the correct spelling of a word, enter the letters/word as close to the spelling as possible.  KDict will bring up a series of suggestions.

Kdict is a terrific little app to have and a real time saver if you do a lot of writing (or blogging).  I keep KDict on my home and office systems.  It's on a small panel that I slide in and out when I need it. 
KDict is one more reson to get Linux.

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