Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Need To Fix Your PC?

On my way home each evening, I drive past a large billboard that has an advertisement for a business that fixes PCs.  This particular company will come right to your house and fix your PC on site.  Then there are the PC repair companies that will fix your PC through the internet.   They connect directly to your PC and repair it online, so to speak.

Then, of course, there are the big box stores that wl take your PC, keep it for a week, correct whatever may be wrong with it, and get it back to you with a hefty repair charge.  And, if you're lucky, all your data will be intact. (always make sure to back up your files before having your PC worked on).  Sometimes, it requires more than one visit to fix the problem.  This means you'll need to have deep pockets.

In each case, the PC being worked on is usually a Windows PC.  Windows has either been infected by a virus or malware.  It may also have slowed down due to hard drive fragmentation.

When you switch to Linux, all these problems disappear. You won't have to take your PC in for repair due to it being infected by a Window virus.  Linux is immune to Windows viruses, malware, and spyware.   Linux also does not need to be defragmented.   So, it doesn't slow down like a Windows PC.  Plus, because you don't need anti-virus software like in Windows, Linux runs faster.  It doesn't have to  waste resources processing virus scan, malware, or anti-spyware  programs running in the background.

Want a faster, more secure, more stable computer?  Want a computer that won't get infected?  Want a computer that won't need to be constantly repaired because of viruses, malware, etc.?

Then get Linux!

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colonelcrayon said...

This is one of the few really valid complaints about Windows. NTFS is a truly terrible file system.