Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Newest Favorite Audio Player!

The great thing about Linux is the vast number of software applications available.  All a user need do is log into the repsitory, search for the progam, click, download, and install.

While looking through the Linux Mint repository the other day, I happily stumbled upon a terrific little audio player called Aqualung. It has a simple single window interface, comes with customizable skins, and plays all audio formats. (Check out all the features on their web page!)

I used Linux Mint's "Add-Remove" programs routine (which is a simpler GUI front end for the Adept repository installer)  I checked the box next to the program, and then clicked the button marked "Apply Changes."

Aqualung was downloaded and installed to my system in just a couple of minutes.

I then went to my launch menu, selected the Multimedia menu, and Aqualung was listed.

I opened the program, dragged and dropped a Paul McCartney folder to the open window, clicked play, and I was listening to the former Beatle's Unplugged - The Offical Bootleg album!

And because Aqualung is a "Gapless" music player, an album like  Unplugged (which is a live performance), plays one song after another without any silent spots or gaps.

Aqualung is easy to use, simple to customize and just a delight to use.

Get Linux, then get Aqualung.


Anonymous said...

no built-in equalizer dork

MSzorady said...

No Equalizer? One of the reasons why I like it. I don't use that feature. It makes for less clutter. Some might require it. I don't. If you really need an equalizer, there are many other software choices.