Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Linux. Less Than 25 Cents!

How much does Linux cost?  Well, It's free to download. You can visit any number of Linux sites and download the operating system for free.  Once you have the ISO file downloaded, you simply need to burn it to disk.

If you purchase a 700MB 100 Pack Spindle of CD-Rs, the cost will be approximately $24.00.   One disk is around 24 cents.  So, for less than a quarter, you can own Linux!

During these hard economic times, I'm sure there are families out there wrestling with Windows computer problems.  Money is tight.   They can't afford a new computer right now.  And they're probably looking at a repair bill of upwards of a couple of hundred dollars to, in some cases, simply remove a virus or other infection from the hard drive. And there is no guarantee that their Windows system won't become infected again.

By downloading Linux, burning to disk, and installing on their crippled Windows system, they would be avoiding  a large repair bill and giving new life to their computer system.  And avoiding Windows viruses and infections for good!

Get Linux. 

(By the way, you can also visit ubuntu.com and request Linux on disk for free!  The disk is free and shipping is FREE!)

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