Sunday, February 15, 2009

Linux. Great Previews!

I'm using Linux more and more for creating my cartoon art.  The really nice feature is the thumbnail preview. I can have any number of different files on my desktop or in a folder (image files, OpenOffice files, text files, movie files, etc.).

When I use the icon view, I get a small thumbnail of what the file is.  If the file in question is a comic panel or comic strip, that image is right there in the thumbnail.  When I pass my mouse over the file icon, the thumbnail jumps to life. A larger window opens giving me a preview of the image and all file information.

The same thing happens for video files, text files, etc.  A video file will give me a snapshot of the first frame.  A text file of PDF file will give me an image of the page and the text on it.   An audio file will even play simply by placing the mouse over it!

It's a real time save. All I have to do is place my mouse on the icon and see the image of the file, its size, physical dimensions, when it was created or modified, etc.

In my humble opinion, Linux makes file management so much easier than Windows XP!  Once you use it, you'll never go back to Windows. And, from time to time, when you do have to use Windows, you'll miss Linux and KDE and it's file management.

Get organized. Get Linux.

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