Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lights! Camera! Action! Linux!

Linux comes with a very powerful and complete office suite called OpenOffice.   OpenOffice is compatible with Microsoft Office and is also  available for all platforms.  But the nice thing is already having it pre-installed and ready to run once you install Linux.

Like Linux, OpenOffice is, of course, open source software.  And, as such, there is a huge community supporting it in a variety of ways.  One way is through the creation of extensions.   These extension add functionality, new features or just a simple tweak here and there to your OpenOffice set up. And they're written by OpenOffice users from all over the globe.

I stumbled on one called Screenwright(R) screenplay formatting template by Alan C. Baird (a prizewinning writer).   It's a " basic, easy-to-use, free screenplay template for the Writer program."

Download it for free, move it into your templates folder of OpenOffice and simply open from the template menu selection when you're in Writer.  Follow the format on page and start writing the next Academy Award winning screenplay!

Get OpenOffice.

Get Linux.  (then you'll already have OpenOffice.)

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