Monday, February 2, 2009

Klipper A Cut Above The Competition!

When you use a Windows system, you can copy and paste from one document to another.  Or you can copy text from your browser and paste it into a text document.  But Windows XP only allows you to copy an paste one string of text at a time.  (I don't run Vista, so I can't say if it's the same as XP).

When you copy a new piece of information, the old piece is erased.  Usually, the way around this is to download and install a third party program to store all these clippings on your clipboard.  These programs can be free, but you may also have to buy them.  It depends on the features offered, etc.   And if a Windows clipboard program is free of charge, you have to wonder if there's a catch.  Is anything else is being installed on your windows system?  Is a piece of ad ware or spy ware being installed to track your movements on the web?

With Linux and the KDE desktop, you get a clipboard program/manager called Klipper already built in!  Klipper is like having a supercharged clipboard!  You can configure it to save a few pieces of text or up to over 2000!   (I have mine set for 25).

Klipper is  terrific app to have.  Anything you come across on the web or in any document can be copied and stored in Klipper.  From just a couple of words to an entire paragraph!

And Klipper comes already installed in Linux! It's an app you'll use over and over again!

Once again, Linux wins hands down over Windows!

Get Linux and get a better, pre-installed clipboard manager.

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