Saturday, February 7, 2009

Katapult Your Programs!

The thing I love about Linux is the number of really terrific programs it has.  There are thousands!  And some are really unique and just plain  slick!  One such program is Katapult!  Katapult is a program launcher. Simply by running Katapult in the system tray, you can call it up by double clicking its icon or by the keyboard command of "alt" and the space bar.   Then simply type the name of the program you want to launch.  Katapult starts to brings up each program alphabetically.  When you find the program you want, hit enter and Katapult launches it!  This is a real time saver.  You don't have to scroll through the start menu and hunt around for the program. Just Katapult it open!
This is the distinct advantage Linux has over Windows.  Instead of a few hundred employees (at a company like Microsoft or Adobe) creating new software applications, the Linux world has thousands of users and advocates creating and improving software.  The open source model and tye GPL gives EVERYONE the right to build and modify the code.  (It also gives everyone the ability to look at the code and troubleshoot).  Teams of community members all over the world come together and contribute their know-how efforts to existing spoftware projects.  They also create their own projects.  In the end, the Linux and Open Source communities benefit.  And this success can be continually built upon and improved.

Do you want an operating sytem tht is stable secure and come swith thousands of proven cutting edge software applications?   Then Get Linux!

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KimTjik said...

There are several applications in this category and some are cross platform. Launchy does pretty much the same thing and is available for Windows' users as well.