Monday, February 23, 2009

Gimp Tip!

The Gimp is a terrific graphics editing program!  Once you use it, you'll find how powerful it really is.  You'll also ask yourself why you ever paid $100.00 (or more) for the graphics program you have on  your current Windows set up when Gimp is free for download!

Just about every time I use Gimp it appears I discover yet another neat and helpful  feature.  The one I came across the other day is the "Document History Dialog."  The Document History Dialog takes the "Open Recent" menu selection one step further.   The Document History Dialog lists dozens of images that were opened or edited in the past.

Because I use Gimp to assist me in creating all my cartoon features, I'm able to go back a week or two and open up a comic strip or panel I previously worked on.

The dialog can be customized to your  own personal  preferences. You can enlarge the thumbnail images, view the image previews as a list or grid, enlarge the window size, etc.

You can learn more about Gimp by visiting its web site at   A complete user's manual is located at:

You can also find a user manual for your specific language and Gimp version at:

Even though Gimp is available for Windows,  please take a serious look at getting Linux where Gimp is altready pre-installed and ready to use.

Get Linux and get Gimp.

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Rambo Tribble said...

The GIMP is the most incredibly underrated yet capable artist's tool since charcoal.