Sunday, January 25, 2009

Viewing Images In Linux

I like to add a bit of art or graphic when I write these blog posts.  The challenge comes when needing to go through all the images I have on a disk or my hard drive.  I've found a terrific application in Linux that makes this task so very easy.  With just a couple of clicks, i can easily surf through all the images I have on a hard drive, CD-ROM, or flash drive.

GQview is the application.

It features A single click browser interface that allows me to quickly navigate through the various directories and folders on my system.  GQview supports all popular image formats.  So, I'm able to view .jpg photos taken from my digital camera or  .tif images of my cartoon strip that I've a scanned into the system.

You can set up the interface from any number of layouts. I use the default layout which has directories in the upper left pane, files in the lower left pane, and the selected file on display in the right pane.  You can also choose to float the various panes, if desired.

Like Linux, GQview is fully customizable.

Again, everything works with just a single click. you can also configure GQview to open a file in your favorite Linux graphics editor. I have mine set to use The Gimp. Once I find an image I like, I then open with Gimp, make my changes (if necessary), then save in my blog folder for uploading later (when I'm actually creating my blog post.)

GQview makes the entire process fast and easy.

Get a better image viewer.  Get GQview.  But first, Get Linux.

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