Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ripping Sinatra

If you're a regular visitor to this blog, you'll know that I'm a big Frank Sinatra fan.  I really enjoy his singing.  For my money, Sinatra was the best. and whenever I get a chance to talk about Linux or it's applications, I like to use Sinatra in the example.  This time is no different.

There's a reason why they called Frank Sinatra "the voice."  And Linux makes it easy to save Sinatra's music and voice to your computer. 

Right now, I'm running Linux Mint Daryna Edition.  It includes a neat little app called KAudioCreator.

KAudioCreator makes the process so very simple to rip tracks off an audio CD.

Pop in your CD.  The CD mounts and a window comes up asking for the action you wish to take. You select "Extract and Encode Audio Tracks" (this KaudioCreator. KAudioCreator launches.

You select all the CD tracks.  Then you choose the method of ripping and encoding. here's I've selected the open source .ogg audio format.  Then KAudioCreator takes over.  You can see the progress of the ripping and encoding in the jobs tab.

KAudioCreator creates an "OGG" folder in your home directory and then creates a sub folder for the audio tracks it's ripping.

It's all automatic!  In this last screen shot, you can see I've ripped the entire Days of Wine and Roses, Moon River and Other Academy Award Winners CD.

I have all the audio tracks in their own folder under my home directory.

So, get Linux and get a better way to rip and save audio tracks from your CD collection.

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