Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Puppy Bowl and Gimp!

It's that time of year.   Time for the BIG game.  That's right!  In less than two weeks, The Puppy Bowl will once again be broadcast on the Animal Planet channel!

In getting this reminder post ready, I needed a piece of art to run with the text.  I happened to have some snapshots of puppies I took a few years ago.  The neighbors' Labrador gave birth to  a litter and I stopped by to see the little fellas.  I had my digital camera with me and got some really cute shots.  I posted one of these snapshots last year in reminding folks about the Puppy Bowl.

I took that photo and created the composite photo you see in this post.

I drew a quick cartoon football helmet.  I scanned it and then added color.  I selected the helmet area from this, then copied and pasted into the puppy photo.  I then did some resizing and "fitting" to the puppy's head.  I also added a slight drop shadow  to complete the effect that this little fella is actually wearing a cartoon football helmet.

All this was done with an open source application freely available.  The Gimp.  It's free, powerful, and comes with Linux.  Yes, you can download The Gimp for Windows and Mac, but I've found that the Linux version running on the KDE desktop to be so very easy to use.  In my opinion, Gimp runs best on Linux.

So, get Linux.  You'll get powerful software applications at a terrific price (free!)  Linux will let you be as creative as you want.

How creative?  Well, I'm a cartoonist and I use Gimp to create my cartoon features.

Get Linux.

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