Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Perfect Day for Linux!

At the time of this writing (Wednesday, January 28, 2009), Ohioans are finally seeing the end of a huge snowstorm. The wintry blast rolled through the state last night and into this evening.

The storm stretched from the east coast out into the plains states.  Schools, offices, churches, and community organizations either closed for the day or cancelled meetings.  It was a perfect day to stay inside and not have to fight the elements (as some of us had to do).  I was one of the brave souls who had to get to the office today.  But had work been called off, I know what I would have been doing today.  I would have been visiting the various Linux  distribution sites and downloading their Linux offerings.  Having these distros as a Live CD allows me to test drive their Linux OS and see what kinds of inmprovements or new features they may have added.

I'm happy with what I'm using now (Linux Mint and Freespire).  But, there's always the possibility I'll purchase a new computer.  Knowing what's available in Linux will make setting up a new system all that easier.

And you should, too!  Take the opportunity to try Linux when you have a "Snow Day."  So, the next "Snow Day" that rolls around, make it a "Linux Snow Day."  Download the Linux .iso file, burn it to disk, and pop it into your system. Your computer won't be affected, because Linux will run directly off the disk.   And if you choose to install, it can be done right from the Linux Live CD's desktop!

Here's just a few sites to get your started.

So, the next time Old Man Winter calls, take the opportunity to try Linux.  On a cold snowy day, you'll be surprised how cool Linux is.

Get Linux.

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