Thursday, January 15, 2009

Panes Make File Management Painless

One of the really great things about Linux and the KDE desktop is how efficient it is in moving files around.  Konqueror's (the file manager in KDE) greatest feature is being able to open new panes in an existing window.  You can then navigate in each of these panes to anywhere on your computer's hard drive.  And then move files from one pane to the other.  In effect, moving the file from one location to another location. No need to open up a new window each time. Just open as many panes as needed.

In the above screen shot, I've got three panes open to three locations. You can see how I'm moving a folder from the first pane to the second (simulated effect).  It's that easy!   Open a window, divide it into panes (use the pane icon tool bar in the upper left), navigate to the location within the panes, then move, copy, or link files from one pane to another.

I use this feature all the time!  It's a really time saver!  You can even bookmark hard drive locations so when you open panes, you simply select the bookmark and the pane goes instantly to that location.

Linux, KDE and Konqueror.   A better file management system!

Get Linux!

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colonelcrayon said...

I love mc for file management :)