Monday, January 5, 2009

My Top Five Linux Predictions for 2009!

2009 is in full swing and I'm reading list after list of New Year's predictions. These predictions are written and submitted by folks from all all walks of life. So it appears that the only qualification needed to make a New Year's prediction is to simply wet your finger and hold it in the air.

So, my chances are as good as anyone else's of getting one or more right.

Without further ado, I present my top five Linux predictions for 2009!

5.) A high profile school system somewhere in the United States will completely switch to Linux.  Having had their fill of Windows viruses and needing to trim expenses, this school system will put Linux in all their classrooms.  And they'll be extremely happy with the results!

4.) Linux netbooks will outsell Windows netbooks.  Netbooks are ultra portable laptops with 6-8 hour battery time.  Folks are going to discover that Linux netbook versions consume less power, come with more software and won't get Windows viruses or malware.

3.)  Everything old is new again (as in PCs).  The demand for used PCs is going to soar this year.  Families being squeezed by the ongoing economic crisis will be grabbing used PCS in record numbers and installing Linux rather than handing hundreds of dollars over to Microsoft for a new PC (and getting the same old virus/malware/spy ware headaches).

2.)  Linux will dominate home entertainment.  We'll find out that Linux will be powering most HD T.V.s, Blu-Ray players, recorders, etc.

And my number one Linux prediction for 2009...

YOU will try Linux this year...simply by starting here.

Get Linux.


Debianista said...

Don't forget Linux predominance in portable read&write devices market.

V.g. Iliad, Amazon's Kindle, etc.

colonelcrayon said...

5. Maybe so, but probably not. Schools are going to be strapped for cash, so they won't be buying new computers. Their current machines already include Windows or OS X, which aren't costing them anything since they've already paid. OpenOffice? A bit more likely, since newer formats could demand expensive Microsoft Office upgrades.

4. Probably not. People want a familiar OS that will run their favorite software.

3. I'm not sure if I buy this. I think most households in the US already have the computers they need. Will they stop buying new machines? I think so, but they'll stick with what they have rather than buying used PCs. And what they have already runs Windows - no extra charge.

2. I think this is quite likely. Embedded Linux is very powerful.

1. You're a bit late ;). I've been on Linux for 2+ years, and I'm currently loving Slackware, SliTaz, and CRUX.

MSzorady said...

I've head so many great things about Slackware.:) gotta try it myself!

colonelcrayon said...

Slack is a lot of fun. I also use SliTaz and CRUX and can recommend both of them to you :)

David Tavarez said...

Very ambitious! ;)

5=> Agree
4=> Disagree
3=> Agree
2=> Disagree
1=> Disagree, because I'm powered by Fedora :P

twitter said...

Number five is already happening in Indiana. Happy New Year.

MSzorady said...


Thanks! You made my day!:)