Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Gimp Photo Fun!

I love The Gimp!  I use it all the time.   The more I use it, the more familiar I become with its interface and the easier it becomes to use.  I know "all the moves", so to speak. And anything is possible.  So I decided to show you one more example.

Remember the photo of Walt Disney I use on my desktop? Well, I decided that Walt's jacket and tie needed a tune up.

It was easy to do with Gimp. You simply select the jacket area (I used the path select tool), copy this to a new layer, and fill in with whatever color you wish.  Then change the mode of this new layer to grain merge or overlay (experiment), and turn down the opacity a bit. And bingo!  Walt is wearing a new colored jacket and tie!

so why spend hundreds of dollars for Photoshop or similar software when Gimp is free with Linux?  (Gimp is also available for Windows and Mac).

Get Linux and Get Gimp.

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