Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Linux Sticky Notes

Sticky note, Post It Notes, etc.  Whatever we call them, these little patches of paper sometimes find their way all over our computer monitors.  They remind us of appointments, meetings, phone calls, and other tasks that need to be taken care of.

But what if you could put a sticky note right on your computer monitor without ever having to write it on a piece of paper?  Enter KNotes!

Knotes allow you to create digital sticky notes right on your Linux KDE desktop.

Simply launch the application.  It sits in your system tray. When you want a note, click the little sticky note pad icon and a note appears on the desktop.type in your message. You can drag the note wherever you want.  You can leave it on the desktop or close it and open it later just by clicking the pad icon once more.

KNotes is one of those terrific little programs that you're deleighted to find comes with Linux!  if it's not installed by default, it is easily installed from your Linux distro's repository.

KNotes is fast and easy to use.  And once you launch it, you'll be surprised how much you make use of it.  KNotes is one more reason to get Linux! 

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