Monday, January 26, 2009

Life And Linux

I've talked about multiple desktops in this blog before, but it deserves another visit.  The really neat thing about Linux (running the KDE desktop) is having the ability to set up these multiple desktops.   Each of these desktops can display  a different wallpaper image.

And where do you get these images?  Well, they can come from your own digital photos, but sometimes, you get these images from the web.

I learned from a cartoonist friend that millions of Life magazine photos from their archives are being hosted on Google.   You can see (and search) any of these terrific photos at:

Many of these images were never published and they include, of course, cartoonists.  These images are marked "For personal non-commercial use only."  Well, my Linux desktop qualifies as personal non-commercial use. You can see the image I grabbed and cropped so that part of the image is cantered on my desktop (I did this using The Gimp).  It's a photo of Walt Disney.  You can imagine how much this man and his work influenced me.  Which is why I'm so happy to be running Linux. i can set Walt on one desktop, the Eiffel tower on another desktop, the Golden Gate bridge on another, etc.

And the really neat thing about these Life photos is I can purchase a framed print (This one of Walt Disney is on my list!)  This way, I can see this inspirational photo of Walt Disney (without any cropping or resizing for a computer screen) all the time...even when my Linux system is off.

Get a nice photo for your home of office.  You'll be able to afford it if you run Linux....Because Linux is free.  You'll have some extra cash in your pocket.  Get Linux.

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