Monday, January 19, 2009

Genuine Windows DIS-Advantage

Windows has a an annoying  system tray pop-up that reminds you to install "Windows Genuine advantage" or, WGA for short.  If you don't authenticate your copy of windows, WGA will lock you out and you won't be able to use your computer until you register Windows.

However, when you activate WGA, your problems may just be starting.

Check out this incident as chronicled on the blog Such a Downer.

When you get Linux, you don't have to register, authenticate or allow a company like Microsoft to constantly look over your shoulder at what you're doing on your computer with their operating system.

"Because that's what WGA does. It's a small sliver of code that watches your computer and tries to determine whether your copy of Windows is legit. If WGA determines your software doesn't have the proper credentials, it may offer you any of several options for paying up. In other words, WGA sets itself up as Big Brother, watching your PC for possible use of invalid or stolen product keys."

When you get Linux, you own Linux.  Linux is yours.   When you get Windows, well, it's belongs to Microsoft, not you.   They "allow" you to use it.   With WGA, they can lock you out at any time if they think your copy  of Windows isn't legit. Problem is, folks with legitimate copies of Windows have been locked out.

Get rid of Windows and get rid of Big Brother Microsoft.

Get Linux.   No one will be looking over your shoulder or locking you out of the operating system.  Your Linux system will be immune to Windows viruses, spyware, and malware.  You'll have a stable, secure operating system without ever having to punch in a code or product key to get it to work.

Get Linux.

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