Thursday, January 8, 2009

Close, But No Cigar Yet.

Like the puppy in the above photo, Linux is really still in its infancy.  Despite it's "youth", great things are happening to Linux!

In my Linux predictions for 2009 blog post, I wrote, "Linux netbooks will outsell Windows netbooks."

Well, it's still too early to tell if I'm correct, but I'm on the right track.  Check out this headline from

"New Forrester Research analysis purports that the blossoming netbook market is driving the worldwide adoption of Linux, reports"

Again, I'm not ready to yell, "I told you so!" just yet.   But it's great to see a trend like this one.  And given the fact that the Linux community is releasing alternative Linux operating systems for netbooks, it's only going to help.

The great thing about Linux, as I've mentioned before on this blog, is it's ability to be run right from a Thumb drive. has a neat tutorial on running Eeebuntu from a thumb drive and then installing it to a netbook.

By the way, I hope to get a netbook this year.  I'm shopping and comparing prices, features, etc.   In looking at Linux distros, the latest Kiowa Linux   release that's almost ready.  I may just run Kiowa Linux on the netbook.  Hopefully, by summer, I'll have a netbook to show you all.

And before I forget, I just heard from my cousin via email.  When last we met, I encouraged him to download and install Linux to a used computer he's had sitting idle for a few years.  As I understand it, he's downloaded and burned Linux Mint Daryna Edition to disk.  He's planning on installing Linux and I hope to report on his progress in the coming days.

Get Linux.

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