Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Winter has arrived.  The coldest temperatures of the season are being recorded across the plains, Midwest, and eastern United States.  Luckily, I have a terrific tool to help me know how to best dress as I head out the door in the morning.  The Firefox browser!  Firefox has some incredibly useful (and easy to install) Add-Ons!

My favorite Add-On is the Forecastbar Enhanced.   This weather Add-On sits at the bottom of your Firefox browser window and gives you instant access to all weather info for your local area.  It displays the forecast for one, two or three days (or more) giving you temperature, current conditions (cloudy, snowy, rainy, sunny, etc.) and also lerts you to weather warnings.  You can see the severe weather alert for the Cleveland area in the top screen shot. (As of this writing, we are under a wind chill advisory).

In addition, Forecastbar Enhanced has a terrific real time radar function.  Just pass your mouse over the radar icon and an animated (or static) image pops up.  You can specify how the radar image displays.   View radar as a map, satellite or combo image.  You can also view tha radar as a static image or animated frames which show you how weather will be moving across the area.

Setting up Forecastbar Enhanced is easy.  After you install, just open "options" and plug in your zip code.  You can then set up how things will be displayed in the Firefox browser window.

Even if you don't run Linux, you can get Firefox for Windows and install this terrific Add-On as well as many others.

But, if you want a more stable and secure operating system and still have access to Firefox and all that it offers, then get Linux.   Firefox comes as the default browser for most (if not all) Linux distributions.  And Linux is immune to Windows viruses, spy ware and malware!

Get Linux.

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