Tuesday, January 13, 2009

24, Jack Bauer, and Linux.

The new season of 24 is off to a rousing start!  If you missed the first four episodes (Two on Sunday, the third and fourth last night), you missed one of the best television premieres anywhere!  (Actually, I'm typing this before episodes three and four...which is why this post is so short.  Getting ready to watch the show!  I'm confident Monday's installments will be as great as the opening two!)

Now for the Linux tie-in.  The screen shot at left has been floating around for some time.  I originally saw it a few years ago here.  You can clearly see the KDE launch button lower left.  Clear proof that 24 used Linux in at least one episode.

I'm looking forward to this new season and will keep my eyes peeled.  I'm hoping for other glimpses of Linux.  I'll post anything I find.  Please do the same.

Get Linux24 did.

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