Monday, December 22, 2008

The Top 11 Reasons To Give (Or Get) Linux For Christmas!

Here are my top 11 reasons to give Linux for Christmas.

11. Linux is stable. You can run Linux for months without ever having to reboot.
10. No BSOD. Linux doesn't crash (or rarely crashes) like Windows. So, you won't see a Blue Screen Of Death.
9. Linux is secure. Linux utilizes user accounts and a main administrative account (root). Each process runs at user level. As a result, without the root password, you can't trash you entire Linux system. Mom and dad can each have a user account and give a user account to each child. As long as the kids don't run at administrative level (which is why Windows gets infected system wide) each user account stays secure. No one can get into another's files, documents, or data.
8. No windows viruses. Linux is immune to Windows viruses, trojans and spyware.  You don't need an anti-virus program.
7. Unique Desktop environments. Linux has different desktop environments (Window Managers for X) to choose from. You can pick a Linux distro that runs KDE, Gnome, Xfce and others. Or pick a Linux distro that runs the most popular! when you boot Linux, you can pick whethr to run KDE or Gnome or whatever else may be available.
6. Customization. The Linux desktop can be customized in a million different ways using themes, window decorations, colors, fonts, icons, etc. You can add additional panels (tool bars) and run multiple desktops. You can make Linux uniquely yours with its own look and feel.
5. Thousands of free software apps. Through the use of the Linux repository (software warehouse), you have access to thousands of powerful open source software applications.
4. User forums and the Linux community. Linux is supported by millions of users worldwide. These users populate forums and other community discussion groups. They want you to succeed in using Linux. They are ready to help whenever you have a question about running Linux! And Linux users are the friendliest folks around!
3. Virtual Machines. If you really need to run Windows due to a specific application, Linux has free virtual machine software! VirtualBox, for instance, will allow you to install Windows (or other operating systems) and run it safely within Linux.
2. Portability. Linux can be installed on a CD-ROM/DVD (as a "Live CD") or thumb drive. You can then take Linux wherever you go. If Linux is on a thumb drive, you can plug it into a host computer, do your work, and never have the host computer touch your files or data. This is especially nice if you travel a lot and only have access to a public computer.
1. Linux is free. Linux is free to give, free to share, free to modify and free to distribute. You can download and install Linux to as many computers you own.  You can also give Linux to friends.  Because Linux is open source, you can open up Linux and modify/improve it's code.  You can also create your own Linux distribution and sell it to others (like the folks at Mandriva. Xandros, and Kiowa do). Linux is about freedom.  Freedom to use the OS and share it with others.

So this Christmas, give Linux.  Because, the computer your family member/friend got for Christmas is going to crash or become infected with a virus.  They're going to need Linux.

*Linux is so great, it's hard to limit the number of reasons to just ten or eleven.

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