Saturday, December 6, 2008

Such a Downer!

Windows can be Such A Downer!  By "Downer" I mean it can be a depressing experience.
However, my nephew Mike gives a very good, balanced look at Windows on his new Blog,  Such a Downer.  He talks about life's foibles and frustrations that, from time to time, get us all down.

My opinion is, anymore, Windows is a big target.  It gets attacked daily by viruses, spyware, pop-ups, malware, and all sorts of nasty executable files which could wreak havoc. If you want to get the target off your back, you have to get rid of Windows.  But where do you go from Windows?  Well, you  have one of two choices.

1.)  You can spend thousands of dollars and move over to an Apple Mac system.  In addition, get ready to shell out even more money.  Because, you'll have to purchase Mac versions of some of your Windows software (PhotoShop, Office, etc.).  And if you want to run Windows software not supported on the Mac platform, you'll have to buy a virtualization program like Parallels.


2.)  You can download and install Linux for FREE!  Once you have Linux, you'll have access to thousands of free, open source software programs available for download and installation right through your Linux distro's repository (A data warehouse where the applications are located).  And you can also install VirtualBox for free and run  those few select Windows programs you might need!

You can go with the first choice.  It's your money.    Or, you can go with the second choice.  You'll save money, make friends with a really wonderful Linux community, and have a secure and stable computer system for yourself and your family.

Get Linux.

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